Ben Traynham

Director of UX/UI Design

Ben Traynham has an innate obsession with creating digital products that are beautiful to look at and fun to use, while foreseeing and advocating users’ needs. This relentless desire has driven him to perform at a high level and to constantly elevate his craft, due in part to the industry’s ever-evolving landscape. In addition, his unwavering attention to detail is coupled with an acute awareness that no product shall ever be considered “perfect”, much less “complete”. This mindset fosters an irresistible urge to enhance, improve and iterate based on both business needs and ultimately, user expectations.

Ben’s core responsibilities include overseeing close coordination with product management teams to develop a shared vision of a product, and then lead a process to define the experience and design to deliver on the product’s objectives. Not only does he have a capacity for creating highly usable designs and layouts, and a propensity towards simplification, Ben also has the ability to work directly with technical teams as well as handle multiple projects in fast-paced environments.

Ben holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design from Virginia Tech and is a Certified Usability Analyst (Human Factors International certification).