Biju Joseph

Director of Software Engineering

Biju Joseph has over 15 years of professional experience spanning multiple domains such as healthcare, clinical trials, genomics, and mortgage. In his current role at SemanticBits, Biju works across teams to provide mentorship, ensure quality of software development, promote agile implementation procedures, evaluate and adopt new tools/technologies and support various major and minor initiatives at the company level.

In 2007, Biju joined SemanticBits as a Software Developer. During his tenure, he has held a myriad of responsibilities and has built a strong reputation for adopting innovative technologies and overseeing strategic product development. He is a classic exemplar of how much SemanticBits encourages employee professional growth and career mobility within the organization.

Biju is an articulate leader who creates an environment where everyone has a passion to excel, innovate and an opportunity to contribute. He is fueled by good food, coffee, and a love for the craft of building great software. He holds a Masters degree in Computer Applications from Bharathidasan University, India. Outside the office, he enjoys cycling and digs deep into classical music.