Our Mission

To build meaningful software solutions for critical biomedical and business challenges worldwide by providing uncompromising quality and affordability.

SemanticBits specializes in the design and development of digital health services. We develop cutting-edge solutions for commercial, academic, and government organizations. We are headquartered in the DC area with offices in Virginia and India.

SemanticBits has been an excellent partner in our developing NCI CTMS software, and their understanding and involvement in the many of the vocabulary and architectural aspects of caBIG® has been a key to our successful development and adoption efforts.

Dr. Warren KibbeRobert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center Northwestern University

SemanticBits has partnered with Duke’s Comprehensive Cancer Center on multiple projects to help Duke physicians utilize data more effectively…The project management and programming expertise provided by SemanticBits helped ensure the success of this critical and complex endeavor.

Dr. Raj DashDuke University Health System

Their work has simply been incredible. Starting with knowledgeable and responsive projects management to adept and thoughtful programming, they always figure out a solution to challenges, whether technical or logistical… They worked seamlessly with other subcontractors including human factors consultants and usability researchers to refine the system, and worked very well with government agencies connected to the contract. I couldn’t be more satisfied with their work and would highly recommend them.

Ethan BaschMemorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center

The Oncology Clinical Trials domain is highly complex and lacking in standardization. SemanticBits worked with elaborators and early adopters with skill, flexibility, and most of all, patience. They drew together often conflicting approaches, unnormalized ontologies, and even clashing personalities to deliver software that was accessible and useful.

Bob MorrellWake Forest University Baptist Medical Center

SemanticBits team has really demonstrated their ability to deliver production quality software very rapidly in the highly complex domain of clinical genomics. In addition to the CGW, SemanticBits supports the successful management, design, and development of several other enterprise-scale software applications at Washington University in St. Louis. In my experience, SemanticBits’ knowledge both in biomedical informatics and software engineering and their agile approach has facilitated robust, informatics application development in both clinical and research environments.

Dr. RakeshNagarajan Washington University at St. Louis

SemanticBits’ consummate skill set has made them an invaluable partner in a variety of projects. They were able to take on a large share of the “heavy lifting” quickly and efficiently. Their goal-oriented development model and business style make them a pleasure to work with.

Robert P. AnnechiaricoDuke Comprehensive Cancer Center

Our Philosophy

SemanticBits’s philosophy is to bring the most talented people into our team to tackle the most challenging digital health services delivery. This means that we recruit from across the country to find the right people for the right jobs, regardless of where they are located. When we task our resources, we know that we have the best people working for our clients. We also focus on hiring full stack developers that implement all aspects of a system: backend, front-end, and everything in between.

Our Strategy

We select the right technologies to solve each problem we face rather than simply applying a competency to the problem (square peg, round hole) or only taking on tasks that meet a specific set of technologies (ignoring the square holes). Our deep experience in a wide range of technologies, including .NET, Java, Node.js, and Ruby languages; relational and NoSQL databases; REST, SOAP and RMI services; AngularJS, Backbone.js, and React.js; allows us to pick the right one, rather than trying to force a technology to work for a problem because it’s the only option we can employ. In development we follow industry standards and best practices, such as behavior driven development (BDD), test driven development (TDD), and log-driven development (LDD). We apply the 12 Factor Apps approach to build robust, scalable, and fault tolerant digital services on the cloud. We follow federal software development standards, such as default to open, cloud-first, mobile-first, and the USDS Digital Services Playbook. Our team works tirelessly to ensure that we are never limited by a lack of knowledge, but rather can use all we know to execute on the behalf of our clients.