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CMS Awards DARRT Task to SemanticBits

By April 15, 2020No Comments

SemanticBits is excited to announce another recent contract win from CMS with a new Deliverable Administration Review and Repository Tool (DARRT) task. DARRT is a cloud-based solution designed to support CMS and quality improvement organization (QIO) contractors with contract deliverables submission and Quality Improvement Initiative (QII) referrals. The system simplifies the user experience by providing centralized, secure, and flexible onboarding of new QIO users. Functionality includes administering, submitting, storing, and reviewing contract deliverables, as well as creating, managing, and completing QIIs.

With this new task, SemanticBits will enhance DARRT to support an expanded user base and to facilitate the data exchange between CMS and all QIO awardees, requiring scalability and new features. QIO contractors will use the DARRT to upload data related to enrollment, recruitment, as well as aggregated and practice-level measures data. The data can be viewed through a visualization tool to compare and track progress at the program and network levels. Downloadable datasets based on user roles are available for users to perform analysis.

We are pleased to continue supporting DARRT and its many users. We began work on this important system through a previous contract in September 2018. Under that task, DARRT became the first application to integrate with the HCQIS Access Roles and Profile (HARP) system and the first application in AWS cloud on the HCQIS network. We implemented the application into production in just nine months and were able to onboard about 600 users in almost two days.

With our expertise in human-centered design, Agile methodology, modern open-source tools and technologies, and DevSecOps, SemanticBits has become a trusted name in delivering high-profile, large-scale health digital services. We are proud to bring a streamlined user experience through DARRT and to support CMS’s business needs.