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DEX Greatly Improves User Experience

By October 23, 2018No Comments

SemanticBits is pleased to share that users of the Center for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS) Data Exchange System (DEX) are thrilled with the new interface and experience. DEX is a web-based system that supports agencies’ efforts to detect and prevent healthcare provider fraud, waste, abuse, and errors in Medicare and Medicaid health insurance programs.  

Ever since DEX went live a few months ago, state Medicaid agencies and CMS have been actively using the system to share information about fraudulent providers, as well as share data files and generate reports to monitor these providers. To keep this shared database up-to-date and to disallow fraudulent providers that are terminated in one state to start a practice in a different state, or even to account for providers that are deceased, state Medicaid agencies need to periodically search providers enrolled in their state against DEX. The number of enrolled providers in a state can be as high as a few hundred thousand, and performing this check before DEX was cumbersome and inefficient.

However, the robust and flexible search feature in DEX has helped immensely with this problem, and several users have reported that this data check, which took months to perform prior to DEX, is now completed in just a few seconds! This is a huge win for state Medicaid agencies and CMS who find DEX to be much more efficient and intuitive. SemanticBits is proud to work on meaningful projects that make such a positive impact for users.