Modern Technology Stack

Choosing a technology stack can be a daunting process, especially if you are not familiar with the different options available. Throughout our work with various clients, our team makes use of a wide range of these technologies, such as MEAN, MERN, Ruby on Rails, among others. We have the capability to select the right technology stack that facilitates fast development and is maintainable for any project.

Web Application Development

Our experience of building web applications has resulted in a  fine-tuned process that ensures an end result that meets client expectations. We utilize rapid prototype, follow up-to-date style guides and involve users in the development process early and often, so we can identify how to build a product that best meets their needs. Our expertise in modern technologies like AngularJS and React.js allows us to build enhanced apps that perform at the highest standard.

Service Development

The services your organization implements should be designed with flexibility and ease of use in mind. At SemanticBits, these goals are at the forefront of our service development mindset. We prioritize using modern technologies, like Node.js, to build microservices that are lightweight in the way they operate. This allows for the release of software early and often, and makes it easy to incorporate changes and adjustments at any time.

Database Development

Modern applications create huge amounts of new data, making it more important than ever to design databases equipped to handle the demands of any amount of information. Our team is comfortable using the third normal form to build relational databases, as well as building denormalized databases such as NoSQL. Our database development takes into consideration data migration and data modeling services, and we implement search optimization functionality using ElasticSearch and Solr. Our comprehensive knowledge and experience allows us to create a database tailored to the needs of your organization’s specific information.

Operations and Maintenance

Providing operations and maintenance services to our clients is a standard aspect of our work with them. Throughout the course of developing an application, the nature of this support can take many forms: addressing and deploying bug fixes; maintaining and troubleshooting issues; answering technical questions; and even simply providing leadership when needed. We also provide end user training, present product demonstrations and meet with stakeholders to discuss progress. Our goal is to ensure that our clients feel confident about each element of a project, and informed on how it will contribute to the project’s ultimate success.