Data insights can yield business value, but only if organizations have the tools they need to take advantage of the raw information. At SemanticBits, we are skilled in applying analytical dexterity and using sophisticated algorithms to help organizations exploit large, diverse and fast-moving data. This in turn allows companies to strategize and execute big data programs across multiple domains and many focus areas to ensure that they are getting the most out of their available data. 


Whether you need assistance integrating big data solutions into your existing infrastructure or want a new system designed specifically to automate the handling and storage of your big data, our team has a history of utilizing a variety of platforms and softwares, such as MongoDB, Cassandra, and HBase, to provide reliable and durable big data architecture. Our experienced and adaptable approach allows us to evaluate and execute on the most efficient storage solution for your specific needs. 


Raw data by itself is only the beginning of any business process. To make use of collected data, that information must be processed into usable knowledge that is easy to analyze and understand. The SemanticBits team is skilled and experienced in leveraging cloud-based technologies like Hadoop and MapReduce to quickly and accurately analyze big data, and further assist organizations in transforming that data into reliable, actionable information. 


The need for data migration can occur when it’s necessary to optimize data for reporting, clean denormalized data, or merge datasets for data enrichment. Regardless of the reason, the SemanticBits take is able to expertly facilitate an organization’s data migration. Our approach allows us to simply aggregate, merge, and apply data from one system to another when changes in business demands or updates in technology require it. We establish data integrity prior to the migration, and monitor the process through completion to ensure your business needs have been met and your overall functionality has improved.


When faced with a vast amount of corporate data, it can be difficult to see the true value of such a mass of information, and easy to lose sight of the hidden patterns that are truly meaningful. Our familiarity with business intelligence tools, such as the Pentaho suite, allows us to find creative solutions for data visualization. These include dashboards that can help you see and analyze data more clearly and reports that will allow you to communicate meaningful information to stakeholders and other relevant team members. 


Today’s technology improves the way in which data is analyzed and makes it possible to get answers from your data almost immediately. We support organizations in all their analysis efforts—including predictive and operational analytics—so that they can examine large amounts of data and extract from it correlations, insights, historical patterns and operations details. These kinds of analytical findings lead to better marketing, improved customer service, decreased risk, additional revenue opportunities, competitive advantage over other businesses and the achievement of other institutional goals.