Dashboards and Reporting 

Our familiarity with business intelligence tools, such as the Pentaho suite, allows us to find creative solutions for data visualization. These include dashboards that can help you see and analyze data more clearly and reports that will allow you to communicate meaningful information to stakeholders and other relevant team members. In the past, our development of these features has resulted in improvements to everything from patient care to industry compliance.

Data Migration

The need for data migration can occur when it’s necessary to optimize data for reporting, clean denormalized data, or merge datasets for data enrichment. Regardless of the reason, the SemanticBits team is able to expertly facilitate an organization’s data migration. Our approach allows us to simply aggregate, merge, and apply data from one system to another when changes in business demands or updates in technology require it. We establish data integrity prior to the migration, and monitor the process through completion to ensure your business needs have been met and your overall functionality has improved.

Predictive Analytics

Being able to successfully identify potential risks and opportunities can have a significant impact on how an organization plans for its future endeavors. The key to this particular kind of forward-thinking is the ability to analyze historical data for what it might indicate about what’s to come. Our team can work with an organization’s data and identify insights it can provide on how best to proceed going forward.

Operational Analysis

Understanding the details of your operations—and the successes or challenges therein—is essential for making the best business decisions possible. We work with organizations to identify the operational data that can provide the most value for improving business operations on both a micro and macro level. The information gained from this analysis leads to improved efficiency and business practices overall.