Cloud Agnostic

We use our experience in a wide range of cloud vendors—including AWS, Azure, Google and private cloud providers—to ensure that organizations have the understanding and the knowledge base to make informed decisions when selecting a cloud service provider that will be appropriate for meeting their specific needs. Our team believes that creating a company-wide cloud strategy that is optimal for your particular environment makes a significant difference in the secure delivery of content. That being said, our use of technologies like Docker help us ensure that our customers can rapidly change cloud vendors without major investment.


Utilizing the cloud often comes with infrastructure, organizational, and business process implications, which can be challenging for those trying to implement cloud services into their daily business operations. At SemanticBits, we are aware of these complications and confident in our ability to help you avoid them as you begin to take advantage of what the cloud has to offer. The enterprise solutions we design in the cloud result in scalability, flexibility, reliability and cost savings for your organization.


Our personal experience on many different projects has utilized hundreds of TBs of data as well as hundreds of nodes. Beyond that, we implemented the SemanticBits enterprise fully in the cloud and so we know what it takes to successfully complete an endeavor of that magnitude. As a result, we’ve developed the skills required to implement complex projects while ensuring a smooth transition of business processes.


Cloud operations and management services are a necessary component for utilizing the cloud to the full extent of its capabilities. While these services can be time consuming and difficult, our team is equipped to handle them with ease and efficiency. Our areas of expertise include monitoring, configuration, scaling and issue resolution, and we are able to be flexible within these skill sets to ensure that each service we offer helps businesses fulfill certain requirements and meet specific goals.


It is easy to over or under-utilize cloud services, but doing so can result in wasted time, resources and money. Trying to find a correct balance through the process of trial and error may also be frustrating and ultimately unsuccessful. At SemanticBits, our knowledgeable team is prepared to work with organizations to ensure that the correct balance of cloud components is implemented from the beginning, and that those components are being used to efficiently solve business problems. 


SemanticBits has built a number of systems that offer software-as-service, and so we know the challenges of doing so in greenfield and legacy systems. Implementing customer-focus models in the backend database, business services, and front-end UI can work to not only mitigate these issues, but also to provide for a more ubiquitous user experience. This in turn ensures that customers feel comfortable and successful as they navigate through software, which is a true measure of a software’s success.