Mobile Web

Because real-world scenarios guide our development mentality, we’ve adopted a mobile-first approach based on what we’ve determined to be the priorities of consumers. Designs are first created for devices with smaller screens and then scaled up for larger screens and desktops. Then, using responsive web technologies, our applications scale automatically which allows them to function and operate seamlessly regardless of the size of the screen on which they are being run. 

Mobile Apps

In addition to building mobile applications natively, our team can adapt existing web apps for use on mobile using a variety of technologies, such as Apache Cordova. This latter approach, when combined with our mobile-first mindset, allows us to produce applications and sites that reach users across the range of modalities that are a natural part of their everyday lives, ensuring that there is no interruption in their experience when they switch between mobile and desktop devices. 

Offline Access

While devices today are more connected than ever before—and connection capabilities continue to increase—there will always be times when it is necessary for users to have access to application functionality or data offline. To address these situations, our team uses a mix of native app functionality and HTML 5 technology, which allows us to deliver a seamless experience for the user regardless of whether they are on or offline. 


For individuals with disabilities, navigating, perceiving and interacting with the web can present difficulties. To address this and to make the web more available, we use technologies that are accessible by nature. We also run comprehensive automated and manual tests of these technologies, checking for ease of use, simplicity, and uncomplicated functionality. In this way we are able to ensure that any given application can truly be used by anybody who desires to use it.