Electronic Health Records

We understand the pitfalls of using EHRs—everything from data redundancy and security requirements to natural language processing and legal liabilities—and are able to build systems that avoid these and other issues that may arise. Instead, our systems enable cross-collaboration and provide decision-making support while maintaining ease of use. Additionally, our team helps companies leverage EHRs to lower their costs, reduce double data entry and improve both quality of care and overall business intelligence. 

Health Data Standards

Stability is an important factor in the creation of any software. With this in mind, the software we build incorporates standards such as SNOMED-CT, LOINC, CDA, ICD 10, HL7 and MeDRA, among others, to promote interoperability between systems and data capture consistency. Once these standards are in place, our team is then able to use them to systemize data capture methods, integrate systems, and report data in standards-compliant ways. To date, we have used this approach to integrate with both the Epic and Cerner CoPath Plus Health IT systems. 

Laboratory Ordering Systems

For a product medical system, integration with laboratory ordering systems is necessary for successful business operations. Our team understands this, and so we build responsive, user-friendly systems that avoid duplicate data entry, incorrectly recorded dates, miscoding and other errors that could result in extra work. Standards-based services allow us to completely integrate our systems with those of national labs, which is of critical importance in addressing the continued push for improved patient care.  

Precision Medicine

SemanticBits’s deep experience in precision medicine includes work on the Clinical Geneticist Workstation (CGW), a highly complex product built using modern technologies that facilitates precision medicine by automating all workflow associated with genetic testing. It is one of the first comprehensive precision medicine systems to exist, and our time on this project required us to use our expertise in genomics, bioinformatic, high-performance computing, decision support and data integration.