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SemanticBits is Part of a New Contract for CMMI

By May 6, 2021June 1st, 2021No Comments

SemanticBits is pleased to announce that we have won the Innovation Support Platform (ISP) contract for CMMI! While primed through our 8a partner Global Alliant, this is a major win for SemanticBits to build and support a range of digital solutions for the CMS innovation model teams.

Solutions will focus around three primary goals: data exchange, health data collection, and data analytics and feedback. In the past, the model teams themselves built one-off solutions or CMMI implemented monolithic applications. Both of these approaches faced severe challenges and limitations. ISP will use a human-centered design approach based upon user research to understand the requirements of each model team and ensure that each solution meets the needs of each model. Data exchange on Azure will provide flexible ways for model participants to exchange data through drag-and-drop tools, APIs, and open FHIR-based standards. Health data collection will be entirely metadata-driven, providing electronic submission and web-based forms for collecting complex data from participants. Business intelligence and feedback will leverage modern big data technologies and data analytics tools to provide real-time information to CMS, model teams, and participants.

SemanticBits is extremely excited to be part of this hugely important initiative project for CMMI.