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NCI CBIIT Awards SemanticBits the Legacy Sequential Layered Refactoring (LSLR) Contract

By October 18, 2010No Comments

SemanticBits has been awarded The Legacy Sequential Layered Refactoring (LSLR) Project, which focuses on integrating legacy NCI systems using the emerging CBIIT semantic-SOA to significantly increase the interoperability and value of the legacy capabilities. Specifically, the project will ensure that the services produced will provide a proven approach and successful demonstration of how to re-purpose legacy applications into services, thereby providing the fullest potential value and interoperability. Capabilities will be derived from enterprise use cases and apply to caTissue, caB2B, caArray, PID, TCGA, and NBIA. The services will be specified using the CBIIT SAIF ECCF service development process.