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SemanticBits Launches Facility-Based Score Preview in the Quality Payment Program

By March 11, 2019No Comments

SemanticBits is pleased to announce the completion and launch of the facility-based score preview, which allows the ability to preview what facility-based measurement looks like in the Center for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) Quality Payment Program.

The facility-based preview period uses fiscal year 2019 data available from the Hospital Value-Based Purchasing (VBP) Program. The preview period is applicable for MIPS-eligible clinicians and for groups who are eligible for facility-based measurement for the 2019 MIPS performance year. The clinician or group is provided the hospital to which they are attributed as well as the calculated facility-based quality and cost performance category scores based on the total performance score (TPS) calculated under the Hospital VBP Program. For a clinician eligible for facility-based measurement, the preview period enables them to determine if additional quality data submission is necessary.

Once again, SemanticBits is happy to work with CMS on a project that improves healthcare accessibility and transparency.