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SemanticBits Supports Development of API Which Makes Finding Clinical Trials Easier

By September 21, 2016October 5th, 2017No Comments

For many patients, clinical trials may be the best opportunity to treat their illness, so having access to information about clinical trials is of vital importance. Vice President Joe Biden recently announced a series of new steps that focus on increasing such access and improving the efficiency of the clinical trial research system.

One of the most crucial of these activities is making it easier for potential participants to find clinical trial opportunities as quickly as possible. SemanticBits has been a part of this process through its support of the development of a new API integrated with The API allows researchers and patients groups to search for specific information from the site, so as to identify trials relevant to individual communities or specific cancers. It does so using data from the Clinical Trials Reporting Program, a system which SemanticBits built and supports. The result is a user-friendly, accessible web destination where patients can go to find trials that matter for them.

More information about the API and other updates to clinical trials information is available via the White House Fact Sheet.