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SemanticBits Will Continue To Support CTRP Through 2016-2017

By October 18, 2016October 5th, 2017No Comments

SemanticBits is proud to announce that it will continue to support the operations and maintenance of the National Cancer Institute’s (NCI) Clinical Trials Reporting Program (CTRP) through 2016-2017. SemanticBits’s engagement with CTRP began in 2008, and the award of this recent extension is a testament to the success of the program since that time. CTRP is the primary system at NCI for the collection of crucial clinical trial data, and it serves as the source of information for NCI managed and sponsored clinical trials in and

While continuing to support CTRP, SemanticBits will be additionally responsible for operations and maintenance and enhancements of the newly released Cancer Clinical Trials API. Established as part of Cancer Moonshot—an initiative led by Vice President Joe Biden to accelerate cancer research—this new API allows researchers and patient groups to easily search for trials that are relevant to individual communities or certain cancers.

CTRP and the new Clinical Trials API enables providers and researchers to recruit new participants for clinical trials, and empowers patients and family members to find trials that will make a difference for them. SemanticBits has been supporting this important work for eight years, and we are looking forward to continuing to do so going forward.