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SemanticBits Wins First Contract Competed on ADELE

By November 17, 2016October 5th, 2017No Comments

Having previously announced its selection as a prime contract holder of the Agile Delivery to Execute Legislative Endeavors for Quality Related Initiatives (ADELE-QRI) Blanket Purchasing Agreement (BPA), SemanticBits today announces it has won the first contract competed on ADELE: The Measure Attestation Work for Merit-Based Incentives Payment System—or MIPS.

MIPS shifts the payment imperative from paying for volume to paying for quality. Essentially all healthcare providers across the country will submit information to MIPS to determine whether they qualify for government-payed incentives. MIPS is meant to consolidate and strengthen the financial impacts of programs such as Meaningful Use, the Physician Quality Reporting System, and Value-Based Modifier, while still leveraging the respective rules of the programs that clinicians have become familiar with. Additionally, the new system will include a quality rating in a new category of Clinical Practice Improvement Activities, ensuring a commitment to continuous quality improvement throughout the healthcare system.

In support of work on this system, SemanticBits will execute a comprehensive technical solution, performance work statement, product development roadmap, and notional quality control plan. A robust and scalable technical approach will allow for the capture and scoring of submission for all categories of MIPS measures that can be implemented in an incremental and modular manner, one category at a time. Additional component and functionality can be added throughout, in alignment with the iterative Agile methodology that SemanticBits is known for.

MIPS is ultimately meant to further the mission of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) towards its three-part goal of improved health, better healthcare and wiser spending. SemanticBits is proud to be a part of such a project.