Default to Open

As open source has become the industry standard, our team has embraced the change. All of our projects have defaulted to open, and we have become intimately familiar with open source software development and utilizing open source technology and tools—such as Apache, Jasmine, Sensu and Locust— to further our various projects. 

Develop in the Open

Developing in the open is other manifestation of our strategy to consider the users of our technology as we’re developing it. When our software and applications are still in the development phase, we make them public so that they can be accessed and tested in practical ways that mimic how actual consumers would utilize them. This is not only time and cost saving, but it also works to achieve our goal of creating products that provide real solutions to real people in their everyday lives.

Build Open Source

Through our involvement in a wide range of open source development projects, our team has become familiar with the practice of implementing open source technologies. To date, we’ve built open source systems, libraries, middleware and database applications and, in spirit of the open source principles, the solutions that we devise can be downloaded and easily used by others. In this way, the most people gain the biggest benefit from our work.