Denis Krylov

Director of Software Engineering

Denis Krylov currently serves as the Director of Software Engineering for SemanticBits, where he has provided technical leadership, oversight and mentoring, and business contributions over the past six years. A 15-year veteran of the IT industry, his work includes software development and architecture, systems modeling, scalability, bioinformatics, legacy software modernization, and team leadership.

In his role at SemanticBits, Mr. Krylov draws on his extensive experience designing and building secure, scalable, multi-tier systems on modern platforms to provide these services to numerous government agencies and commercial clients. This work contributes to leading complex biomedical and life sciences projects, including genomic data analysis, biobank, and clinical trials. Mr. Krylov has also provided continuous and valuable contributions to the company’s business development by writing or collaborating on winning business proposals.

Prior to joining SemanticBits, Mr. Krylov worked on a number of large-scale, complex legacy modernization projects for government agencies that employed sophisticated techniques of static code analysis and automated migration.

Mr. Krylov holds an M.S. in Mathematics from the Siberian Federal University, Russia.