Joshua Phillips

Chief Data Officer

Joshua has worked to turn data into insights in the health care and life sciences domains since beginning his work as a contractor for National Cancer Institute (NCI) at the Laboratory for Population Genetics (LPG) in 2001. His current focus is building a big data analytics and reporting platform at the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), supporting business intelligence and data science capabilities. He brings to SemanticBits nearly 18 years of experience building large and small IT systems for clients in both private and public sectors. Before rejoining SemanticBits in 2017, he was the chief architect of PierianDx’s flagship product, Clinical Genomicist Workstation (CGW). In his previous role at PierianDx, Joshua was responsible for leading the design and implementation of all aspects of the product’s software and IT infrastructure. Joshua designed a highly-scalable, HIPAA-compliant AWS-based computing infrastructure for handling Next-Generation Sequence (NGS) clinical diagnostic testing workflows. As chief software architect, Joshua also lead the design and implementation of a flexible software architecture for integrating and analyzing large, highly-volatile genomic data sets. CGW is a classic “big data” application, which requires managing terabytes of data; building highly scalable data analysis pipelines on a dynamic, cloud-based compute cluster; designing and implementing visualizations that allow genomicists to integrate multiple large data sets with genomic and protein coordinates, and perform common business intelligence operations across millions of cases. Joshua also performed in the role of PierianDx security and compliance officer, ensuring proper training and security processes are in place. Before joining PierianDx in 2015, Joshua was CTO of SemanticBits, where he provided technical leadership to distributed, interdisciplinary teams in the development of clinical genomics, clinical trials, biospecimen, and health IT systems.