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SemanticBits Wins Recompete of openFDA

By April 3, 2020No Comments

We are pleased to announce that SemanticBits has won the recompete of openFDA, a project that we have been successfully delivering on since 2016! The goal of openFDA is to produce easy access to public data, to create a new level of openness and accountability, to ensure the privacy and security of public FDA data, and to ultimately educate the public and save lives. The concept is to index high-value, high-priority, and scalable public-access data, as well as format and document that data in developer- and consumer-friendly standards, and make that data available via a public-access portal that enables developers to quickly and easily use it in applications. The openFDA APIs provide raw download access that includes adverse events, drug product labeling, and recall enforcement reports. Since 2016, SemanticBits has delivered:

  • A number of new APIs/datasets, including Animal Drug Adverse Events, NSDE, NDC Directory, Substance Data Reports, Unique Device Identifier, as well as Food, Dietary Supplements, and Cosmetic Adverse Events
  • A refactored deployment process that optimizes a manual tedious once-a-week process to a fully automated pipeline that deploys daily
  • A Dataset Explorer application that is used to interactively navigate the data
  • A major website UI redesign with additional interactive charts and easier navigation
  • Significant growth of API calls from approximately 2M per month to well over 5M per month
  • Close to 100% uptime and availability of the openFDA website and APIs
  • An API usage statistics page that was identified as a huge success by GSA and a shining example of open access for the federal government

Since SemanticBits opened its doors more than fourteen years ago, we have never lost a recompete on a contract. This is a testament to our company’s ability to consistently deliver the highest-quality digital services. We look forward to continuing this great work with openFDA.